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Releases timeline

Version 1.0

App Released

Version 1.1

Whats new:
- 2 weeks is way too much data. Timetable now only shows the current day
- I thought you'd like to actually know whats happening in the day, so the timetable now shows frees, breaks, lunch, sport and pursuits
- It's very tough to differentiate between subjects, so I added colour coding
- The old logo was way too boring. New logo added.
- You were lost without a title to look at. Titles for views added.
- You're fed up of waiting for your timetable to load -- I am too. Caching of timetable added.

Whats fixed:
- Subject displays as expected, because things should work as expected.
- Teacher displays as expected, because who has "teacher" as a teacher.

Version 1.2

Whats new:
- I, like many psychics, like to know what is going to happen in the future, and also the past and so I added the ability to move between dates on the timetable.
- Your feeble hands were unable to click on the tiny arrow buttons in the corner, so I have allowed you to swipe to change dates.
- If you are like me, you enjoy knowing the times of your frees, so you can sit back, relax and drink coffee, and so times for frees have been added.
- Many people wonder what it would be like to have an app that shows you your double periods easily. Luckily, you don't need to wonder anymore, because that dream just became a reality.
- If you are like me, you enjoy a readable, short and sweet name, to come with the app, however last version really lacked in that respect. You will be pleased to hear that the name is now beautifully concise.
- Analytics added.

What's Fixed:
- Despite the fact that no-one could ever, would ever or should ever have a lesson on a Sunday, many people tried to access the app on this day. It is with great enthusiasm that I can inform you, you can now pointlessly look at the app on a Sunday without a crash.....
- I know how confusing a period "8" is on a Wednesday, and so I have culled it from the latest version.
- There may have been a bug in the last update which could have caused all users to crash when doing "specific" inputs into the timetable. This bug has been found and swatted.
- A minor mishap produced a major issue. When going back in days by using the button, the app no longer stops you from using the other button to go forwards in days.

Coming Soon:
- Aside from general changes, there will be a suggestion box added to the next update. If you would like to see a feature added in an upcoming version, please use that box. In the mean time, you can email to give suggestions.

Version 2.0

Whats New:
- Reading mails has been added, because I know you don't look at your emails enough.
- Writing emails has been added, including forwarding and replying to emails because I thought you just couldn't get enough of communication with teachers at school.
- Predictive text has been added to writing emails to make your time easier than ever. (Even though it made my time much, much harder)
- Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, thats why they call it the present. Added in Tomorrow and Yesterday into the timetable.
- Who even knows what the room "Nul" is. I don't. It is no more.
- Lines on Sunday annoyed many people, including myself. I decided to make it an even larger inconvenience for the OCD people out there, by removing every line but one, to show my dominance over all of you loyal subjects.
- No lessons today has been moved to the centre, because, let's be honest, it annoyed me too.
- Just like the progress I've made on this update, it is important to see progress. Progress bar has been added to the login page and the flyfire page.
- Uh oh, there has been a head on collision! Crash analytics have been added so that I can fix your problems slower than ever.
- Whilst I know how to read times, it has come to my attention that none of you do. I have added an indicator to show the current lesson.
- AI activated. (It knows)
- I'm used to having arguments with people; going back and forth. You can now move back and forth between webpages.

Whats Fixed:

- Lunch, Pursuits and Break were all so relaxed that they decided to use the 12H clock format, instead of the 24H clock format. The outliers have been found and squashed.
- Winter is coming.... And now my app knows! Free periods have been edited to follow the winter timetable format.


Whats new:
- I have heard you guys screaming for new features in the app, and I have listened to your cries. I have, however, decided to ignore them and instead remaster the original app. You're welcome.

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